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Global & Decentralized Collective Intelligence powered by the blockchain

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What is the Velocity Network?

Collective Intelligence will power the future of business

Collective Intelligence is information used to form an opinion about a business, such as timeliness and business history. Velocity lets businesses access Collective Intelligence anonymously from each other.

Decentralized, anonymous, and direct-from-source

On Velocity, when you ask for Collective Intelligence, a set of businesses respond anonymously. Information is more reliable from a group of responses, and no information can be tied back to a specific party.

Access global Collective Intelligence privately

By joining the Velocity Network, you can access Collective Intelligence from businesses around the globe. If you are a business ready to contribute, Velocity provides easy to use and open-source software to get started.

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Search, Collect Intelligence, and Understand your Risks

Velocity will be accessible via a web portal, and also via a REST api for automated collective intelligence requests. In this demo, we show a sample intelligence query using the web portal.

How can the Velocity Network be used?

Unleash Insurance data

Insurance data is locked due to regulation and privacy concerns. With Velocity, a private and anonymous intelligence protocol, insurance data can be queried in a private and secure way.

Fight fraud without compromise

With Velocity, regional institutions have, for the first time, a way to collaborate to fight fraud without the risk of increasing liability, exposing sensitive data, or losing a competitive advantage.

Create a transparent supply chain

Suppliers and buyers can leverage Velocity to add secure transparency into the supply chain, communicating directly without international delays, and without the risk of exposing sensitive details.

Network Roadmap

Velocity Nucleus

The first step: implementing a foundational intelligence protocol on the Ethereum platform and establish key partnerships to bring existing business groups and organizations onto the network.

Velocity Matter

Improve on Velocity Nucleus with a focus on privacy and anonymity of intelligence queries. Homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proof components will be implemented to protect that nature of the queries.

Velocity Universe

Improve on Velocity Matter with a focus on the anonymity of parties involved in an intelligence query adding differential privacy to protect sets of intelligence providers and provide additional query validation.

Latest Developments

Interval-weighted voting for smoother voting

Interval-weighted voting allows blockchain voting to occur without the need to lock up tokens nor create an auxiliary voting token.